Working Mom’s Email Signature Addition Should Appear in Every Manager’s Off-Hours Messages

For a working parent, achieving work-life balance can feel like an uphill battle. Your kids are a priority but you don’t want to neglect your career. It’s a delicate dance that needs flexibility and support at home and in the office. For managers who get that—and we mean really get it—we couldn’t be more grateful.

When one single dad/president of his company took to LinkedIn to explain that he “never needs to know” when his employees are taking breaks (i.e., living their lives), it inspired readers everywhere. Amy Sheehan, a communications partner at the Canadian Medical Protective Association, felt grateful after reading that post. But later on, the working mom discovered how one of her very own colleagues was putting into practice a similar philosophy and her mind was blown.

It came via an email from her co-worker and director of medical analytics, Dr. Lisa Calder. There was one-sentence added to her signature that inspired Amy deeply. The sentence? “Please note I do not expect a reply from you on evenings and weekends.” Amy took to LinkedIn to explain how much this small but mighty statement meant to her.

“It’s one line that says so much about that person as a leader and as a person. That line is also a testament to our organization being a supportive one,” Amy wrote.

It wasn’t just that Dr. Calder, also a working mom, understands that her co-workers have personal lives, but also that she encourages it. That’s something we wish all managers could get behind. Amy reiterated in her post how incredibly supportive their company is in recognizing the importance of work-life balance and has people in her life who haven’t been as fortunate with employers who recognize it.

We love Lisa’s idea! As a matter of fact, we’re changing our email signatures right now—and encourage you to do the same.