Worker Informs Boss That Staffer Died. Boss Coldly Asks Him to Find Replacement ASAP

A boss’s insensitive response to finding out a staffer died is going viral, sparking an important discussion about what matters most in life. Hint: it’s probably not work.

The shocking story comes from Malaysia via Twitter user Amy, World of Buzz reports.

“Nobody cares if you work yourself to death. They’ll just find someone to replace you when you die,” Amy tweeted, setting up the scene by repeating the wise words first told to him by his brother.

It wasn’t until recently that he realized just how spot-on the advice was.

When his own boss learned that an employee had passed away, his boss’s text response, screen-grabbed below, was shockingly cold.

“Sorry to hear that. Please set an interview ASAP for replacement. I don’t want any excuse for any pending documents. Thank you,” the boss, who is identified as “Chairman,” wrote.

Remembering his brother’s wise words, Amy conceded, “Hey brother, you are right!”

The tweet currently has over 18,000 retweets. In the replies, many remarked that they couldn’t believe how cold the boss was.

“This is the true meaning of [a] ‘boss,’ not a ‘leader.’ Heartless,” wrote one user.

Another agreed that it just isn’t worth it to be a workaholic based on her own experience. “Don’t die for [your] company… Take it from me, [a] workaholic for years. I got diagnosed with [a] lifelong chronic illness last year. My boss is just concerned about work delays, not staff’s health. Even [when I was] in [the] hospital, recovering, [my boss] expect[ed] I could work. In the end I quit and I’m happier!”

Some, however, saw where the boss was coming from. One user wrote, “I think it [would’ve been better if the] boss private messaged the person in charge of the interview. I understand that the boss needs to keep the company running. But [at] the same time, he should’ve showed respect to the people who are still mourning.”

It sounds like the boss needs some sensitivity training—ASAP.