Women Have the Funniest Clapbacks to the Peloton Bike Commercial

The holiday season is all about giving. It’s also about divorcing your husband if he gets you an exercise bike you never asked for.

Peloton, the stationary bike brand of the moment, released a commercial in which a man gifts his wife and mother of their young daughter one of the bikes for Christmas. The commercial follows the anguished mom’s first ride (you can see the fear in her eyes when she first mounts the bike), her arrival home from work to jump on, her reluctant 6 A.M. wakeup call to ride, and a year later, her reflection on how the Peloton changed her life.

Women on Twitter were quick to point out that unless they specifically ask for a piece of workout equipment for the holidays, the bike is an insensitive gift. There were also some hilarious parodies of the commercial.

Straight out of a Black Mirror episode.

We can’t stop laughing at this hilarious mockery.

We like the sound of this better.

There’s nothing wrong with getting fit, but we hope everyone thinks carefully before buying a Peloton for their partner this Christmas. At best, the gifter will wind up being the butt of a viral Twitter joke—at worst, the relationship is on the rocks.