Woman Wants Twitter To Find A 50-Year-Old Groom For Her Mom; Internet Is In Love

Woman Wants Twitter To Find A 50-Year-Old Groom For Her Mom

Recently a tweet by a law student named Astha Varma caught the attention of the Twitterati. In her post, Astha was looking for a groom for her adorable mother. In our country, it’s usually the mother who posts ads on matrimonial sites and newspapers searching for a suitable groom for her daughter. The law student put up an adorable selfie with her mother on her Twitter account and wrote that she is looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for her mother.

man for her mother

In India, mothers of young girls go on a groom hunting spree as soon as their daughter hits the benchmark for the bride’s age. While for some, this age can be as early as 18 years, others wait until their daughter turns 23 to get them married off to a young and suitable partner. And there are a few others who wait until their daughter is well-settled to start the search for her potential groom. Nevertheless, the search for the groom is one mission that every Indian mom takes upon herself. Though we are familiar with our society’s obsession over marriage, that topic is for a whole another post.

Astha’s post touched the heart of thousands probably because it is unusual for a daughter to search a groom for her mother. While we have heard stories of couples who found their soulmate through social media, this post stands out from the rest as it is the daughter who is groom hunting for her mom. In our society, if a woman has been widowed or divorced, rarely do they get married for the second time. And even if they do take this brave step, and we say brave because it is pretty courageous of a woman to go against the tide and break the shackles that society has built for her. So coming to the point, even if they do wish to find love again, most women hesitate to get married for a second time worrying that their children would never approve of their relationship; Or worse, cut off ties with them. No matter how much advanced or liberal one likes to call themselves when it comes to letting your mom marry for the second time, we are usually the ones to cringe at the thought.

Unlike the West where women have the liberty to get married for the second time, Indian women are typically constrained in their roles of motherhood. Unless of course, you are a celebrity. While kids in the Western countries are more accepting of the idea of their mothers walking down the aisle for the second time, we somehow find it extremely hard to picture someone else taking our dad’s place. “Why would she need someone else when she has us?” is the first thought that pops in our mind. But we oftentimes forget that despite having kids, women do crave for the companionship and the comfort of a partner, especially during the old age.

Astha’s post was not only refreshing, but the young girl also managed to break some stereotypes in our society. The post which was hashtagged as “#groomhunting” garnered around 33k likes and 7k retweets so far. Her post was applauded by many with some people wishing her the best of luck. Here are a few interesting reactions by people on Twitter:

reactions by people
Some people

Some people even came up with a few recommendations that fit the criteria.

even came up
responses as well
few hilarious

There were a few hilarious responses as well. Take a look.

Take a look
come across something

It’s not every day that we come across something that melts our hearts on the internet. We are in love with Astha’s post and hope she finds a suitable match for her mother soon.

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