Woman Nails Why Working Motherhood Is So Hard in Powerful Humans of New York Post

Humans of New York is known for shedding light on the many facets of the human experience—from the joys to the heartbreak, and everything in between—by featuring people from all walks of life, and getting them to share their stories. Oftentimes it’s the incredibly unique stories that touch our souls and stay embedded in our memories, but a post up today is pulling at our heartstrings for an entirely different reason: it’s because it’s about us. We’re on HONY today.

OK, well, not exactly. A working mom is on HONY today talking about being a working mom, and she pretty much sums up what life is like for so many of us.

“As a working parent, I’m always tired. I don’t have time to think. I speed walk wherever I go. When I finally get home in the evening, I just want to lie in bed and watch TV,” the woman said. “But it’s summer now. So the kids always want to do something. It’s so tempting to tell them ‘later,’ or ‘next week.’ But I force myself to do it. I get out of the apartment and go to the park. Or the museum. Or the beach. Because no matter how I feel, I know there’s such little, little time. It seems like just the other day I was pregnant. I was so excited and nervous. Now next week my oldest son is turning 10. I look back and say: ‘Oh my God.’ It all passed in the blink of an eye.”

Exhaustion? Working mom guilt? Feeling rushed? Feeling pressured to entertain your kids when you’re already overwhelmed, so you can make them happy, because they grow up so fast? Welcome to working motherhood.

Despite the difficulties, however, the woman considers herself a good mother for finding ways to make time for her kids while working so much—and it’s a sweet reminder to working moms who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice. “Working, working, working. Never enough hours in the day. Just trying to survive. But I was a good mother. I’m proud of that. I always made time and space. Even if I was exhausted. Because I knew the time I was exhausted was the only time I had.”

On Instagram, one of the accounts from which HONY shared the post, many people took to the comments section to share support for the working mom, because her story clearly resonated with them.

“Girl, as a single working mom of a 5-, 7-,and 10-year-old I hear you. I never regret spending time with my kids, and they will remember the time you invested in them when they are grown. Keep on keeping it on, mama … and don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then.”

Meanwhile, others reminded the mother that what she’s done for her kids won’t go unnoticed, based on their own experiences with their now-adult children. One user’s message was especially heartwarming: “They will remember, I promise. My oldest is 36, and he remembers and remarks on it all the time how much he appreciates all the little things he took for granted in his childhood. They will remember and it will be the heart of their own parenting.”

So it’s all worth it.