Will Your Partner Make A Good Parent? (8 Signs)

Will Your Partner Make A Good Parent (8 Signs)

Have you been thinking of starting a family with your partner lately? If yes, then congratulations. We’re sure you and your partner would have given it a good thought before going ahead with the plan to conceive. But if you are yet to get pregnant, then certain thoughts might already start occurring to you. Will your partner be ready to help you with the baby’s duties? Is he ready for parenthood at all? If you are having similar doubts, then here are 8 signs that you can look out for that says your partner will prove to be a good parent:

1. Your Partner Is Not A Control Freak

Your Partner Is Not A Control Freak

If you feel that your partner is very controlling in nature, then this could mean that they are not suitable for parenthood. Look out for signs such as incessant questioning in trivial matters, cutting you off from family and friends, or often resorting to threats to get things done their way. All these are signs of a person who is too controlling and can prove to be disastrous to a child.

2. He’s A Very Attentive Person

He's A Very Attentive Person

Kids are big-time attention seekers. From crying to pretending to fall, they simply love to attract the attention of their parents toward themselves. Even as they grow, they look out for their parents to patiently and attentively listen to their stories and problems. So, if your partner is an attentive person naturally, then it is a good sign that he’ll make a good parent.

3. Open To Learning From Others

Open To Learning From Others

Most of us believe that we know everything. But it takes a certain amount of humility and modesty to be willing to learn from others, especially after becoming a parent. Because no matter how learned you might be, there will still be a lot of new things to learn from others after a child arrives in your life. If your partner demonstrates this trait, then he will surely be a good parent.

4. Your Partner Always Wished To Have Kids

Your Partner Always Wished To Have Kids

Some people freak out with the very mention of marriage or kids. This is because it is a huge deal for them to shoulder such responsibilities. However, if your partner always spoke fondly about having kids even before you started planning, then he’ll make a good parent.

5. Does Not Get Easily Annoyed

Does Not Get Easily Annoyed

Some people get easily annoyed or are short-tempered. Of course, this can change with time. However, if your partner is calm and composed in nature, then know that it’s a sign of good parentage. Kids can, at times, push you over the edge. At such times, it helps to deal with them with patience instead of getting annoyed.

6. Is A Loving Person By Nature

Is A Loving Person By Nature

Who doesn’t love a person who is always smiling or has a sunny disposition? Often, people get attracted to someone who is a loving person. Such a person can have a positive impact on your child during their growing years.

7. Are Responsible For Their Actions

Are Responsible For Their Actions

Being responsible for one’s actions is probably one of the most important traits you need to look for in your partner. Most people do not realize the impact of their actions on young minds. Kids are quick learners. But more than verbal instructions, they learn quickly by emulating their parents’ actions. So, if your partner is responsible with his words and actions, especially in public, then he’s definitely parent material.

8. Willingly Make Adjustments

Willingly Make Adjustments

Your partner might be used to all the attention and love that you shower on him. But, he needs to know that once the baby arrives, your love and attention will get divided. And, if he is willing to make those adjustments with you for the sake of the baby, then he’ll turn out to be a good parent for sure.

Does your partner exhibit any or all of the signs mentioned above? If yes, then you need not worry and simply go ahead with your pregnancy plans. If he doesn’t, then don’t fret. Discuss your expectations with him and plan your family accordingly.

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