When To Take Your Newborn Outside

When To Take Your Newborn Outside

There are no hard and fast rules on when to take your baby outside. In some cultures, women are asked to stay indoors for at least a month before they can take their babies outside. And some doctors may ask you to wait a month or two before doing so. This is to reduce your baby’s exposure to germs and pathogens as their immune system is not as strong as ours. Since there are no medical rules set on when you can take your newborn outside, feel free to step out whenever you are ready. Getting some fresh air and sunlight can be good for both you and your baby. However, there are some guidelines and precautions that you should follow to protect your baby from the harmful external elements.

1) Avoid Crowded Places

Avoid Crowded Places

It’s best to avoid large crowds during the initial weeks of your baby’s life as they are more susceptible to pick up germs from a huge crowd. Babies are irresistible even to strangers. So they might want to touch or hold your baby. It’s a good idea to avoid going to a mall or swimming pool and instead go for a quiet stroll in the park.

2) Dress For The Weather

Dress For The Weather

Whether it is summer, autumn, monsoon, or winter, make sure your baby is dressed right for the weather. This goes for the mama as well. Take care of your health so you can care for the baby. Make sure your baby isn’t too hot or cold. Moms tend to underdress or overdress the baby. The idea is to put the same layer of clothing on the baby as yourself. If it’s sunny, don’t expose your baby to direct sunlight. Carry a hat and shades to protect them from the sun. When you are stepping out during winters, it’s wise to carry an additional blanket or an extra layer of clothing to be on the safer side.

3) Be Prepared

Be Prepared

If you are planning for a longer outing, pack all the essentials. This includes an extra pair of clothing, extra diapers, and feeding supplies. This way you are prepared when your baby gets hungry or has a diaper explosion.

4) Check The Weather Before Stepping Out

Check The Weather Before

We have previously discussed about dressing the baby for the weather, but what if the weather is not too favorable for your delicate baby? In such cases, it’s best to refrain from going out if it’s too hot or too cold.

5) Minimize The Baby’s Exposure To Germs

Minimize The Babys Exposure To Germs

One way of controlling your baby’s exposure to germs is by avoiding crowded places. The other way is to be a bit more direct with the people who are touching your baby. If somebody is having a cold, flu or runny nose, ask them not to touch your baby as your baby can easily fall sick. You can also request people to wash their hands before they touch the baby. Everybody knows how delicate and weak babies are during the initial weeks after birth. We’re sure they wouldn’t mind taking the necessary precautions to safeguard your baby.

6) Baby Care When You Get Home

Baby Care When You Get Home

After you come back home, wash your baby’s hands. Babies often put their hands in their mouth which can easily transfer germs. Don’t forget to wash your own hands to avoid the transmission of germs, especially if you have visited a mall or a grocery store.

Babies are delicate beings who require some extra protection and precautions from your end. We know the importance of fresh air for both the mother and the baby. Taking these necessary steps ensures that you can take a stroll with your newborn without worrying about their health and wellbeing. It’s important to make sure that your baby’s vaccines are up to date as well. If your baby was born premature or has any condition that affects their immune system, make sure you talk to a pediatrician first before stepping out with your baby.

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