When Changing Clothes Makes Him Cry

When Changing Clothes Makes Him Cry

Changing your baby’s clothes can be a real struggle, not just for your tiny tot, but for you as well. No mum likes to be the reason for their baby’s tears, but sometimes there’s no way around it. Babies can get cranky and really uncomfortable while changing clothes. One minute they are warm and cozy in their onesies and the next minute they are naked and cold in a changing table feeling completely exposed. The feeling of a sudden drop in temperature after being exposed to the cold can be a drastic change for any baby. And not to forget being tugged and pushed at different body parts when you are pulling the clothing over the head or down their legs. And babies being more sensitive to human touch, they show their protest of being changed by crying, pulling away, and arching their backs. However, there are ways that we can make changing clothes much more comfortable for the baby.

1. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

The only way to get through this quick is by planning ahead. So make sure you have all the supplies that you need including clean diaper, baby wipes, and diaper rash cream if you are using any. This way, you will be saving time and your baby won’t have to stay on the changing table being exposed to the cold for long.

2. Try To Keep Him/Her Warm At All Times

Try To Keep HimHer Warm At All Times

One of the ways to keep your little one warm is by wrapping a blanket or a towel over them when they are naked. Also, instead of removing the entire clothing, try removing the bottom part of the onesie instead of removing it entirely. You can also go for warm diaper wipes or moisten a washcloth with warm water instead of normal baby wipes which will be cold on your baby’s butt.

3. Keep Them Engaged Or Entertained

Keep Them Engaged Or Entertained

Babies can cry out of boredom. But whatever the reason, keeping them entertained is a great way to stop those tears from rolling down their cheeks. You can sing a song, make funny faces or talk to them while you are undressing. Other ways include distracting with a mobile above the changing table or placing the changing table in a room that has a window view or a large color painting on the opposite wall so they have something to look at. You can also hand over a small toy or play peek-a-boo with your baby. Sometimes, overhead distractions such as ceiling fans are all it takes to keep your baby calm.

4. Change The Diaper In A Standing Up Position

Change The Diaper In A Standing Up Position

Nobody likes it when they are held down to the table while a person 5 times their size tries to undress them, pushing and tugging at the same time. Babies want to feel a bit independent. And changing the diaper while they are standing up helps them feel more in control. If you are not able to do it alone, seek help from your husband or partner so that one of you can hold and support the baby while the other changes the diaper.

5. Lastly, Remember To Stay Calm

Lastly, Remember To Stay Calm

When you are upset, your face can give away your feelings. Your baby can sense the change in your expression which can get him/her worked up even more. So make sure to take a deep breath and stay calm when your baby starts crying or protesting. Understand that it’s not about you and reassure the baby with a soothing and loving tone.

It takes time and patience for your baby to feel comfortable and at ease during a diaper change. Don’t be disheartened if your baby doesn’t react positively to your attempts at making him/her feel at ease. Each baby is different and what works for one might not work for others. You can also try creating a diaper change routine such as singing a song or playing pee-a-boo before you take your baby to the changing table.

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