What is the Best CBD Oil for Sleep? 7 Great Options

Did you know that the CBD market is projected to reach over $20 billion in the next 4 years? And while this staggering statistic may come as a surprise to you, it makes you wonder about the benefits. 

Let’s face it. A lot has changed in the medicinal world. And what was once deemed illegal has now been considered one of the greatest health crazes.

Let’s take CBD oil for example. If you’re trying to learn about the best CBD oil for sleep, you’re in luck! Here is a list of some great oils that will help you get a good night’s rest.

  1. Hemp Bombs

First on our list of the best CBD oil for sleep is Hemp Bombs. For those who prefer CBD isolates, this is going to be perfect. 

The potency can range anywhere from 300mg to 4000mg per bottle. And even though Hemp Bombs are made through an American company, it’s sourced from Europe.

  1. CBDistillery 

If you’re looking for a more seasoned oil for sleep, you should definitely give CBDistillery a try! Even though they’ve been in the industry for years, they’re constantly finding new ways to improve their product.

Their dosages usually range from 250mg-5000mg and are known for selling both “full-spectrum” and “THC free” oils.

  1. NuLeaf Naturals

Pretty new to the market, NuLeaf is next on our list for the best CBD oil for sleep. Their number one mission is to make sure that all of their oil is high-quality. If you’re looking for certified, high-quality CBD for sleep, there are plenty in the market you can choose from with different amounts of potency. 

  1. CBD Pure

Next on the list is CBD Pure. Undeniably one of the most reputable oils, CBDPure is extracted with carbon-monoxide, making it one of the purest forms of CBD. This company is so confident in its oil, that they guarantee customers will leave 100% satisfied or else they could return within 90 days.

  1. Royal CBD

Launched in 2018, Royal CBD is another company that offers both full-spectrum and THC free supplements. Grown organically in Colorado, any kind of hemp grown in this state is known for being top of the line. 

  1. Plus CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a gluten-free, non-GMO CBD oil, you may want to try Plus CBD oil.  Not only is it third-party tested, but it’s also a member of the US Hemp Roundtable.

  1. Medterra

Last but not least, Medterra is another excellent oil if you’re looking for flavor. Ranging from 1000mg to 2000mg of potency, Medterra currently comes in Strawberry, Citrus, and Neutral.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep and More!

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