Understanding How Paint by Numbers Work

How do you think a non-painter will approach a blank canvas? Draw figures that are way out of proportion, combine colors that don’t seem realistic, and maybe end up creating something that’s far away from what you call “artistic.” However, that doesn’t mean a non-painter doesn’t have what it takes to get to the next level. Every person, if they explore themselves carefully, will find their creative side sooner or later. Question is, how can they put pencil to paper without any formal training? The answer is painting by numbers.

What is painting by numbers?

It is not that painting by numbers is just for amateur painters with no formal training. This system works for anyone who wants to paint. It is a system where you divide a picture into different shapes and demarcate each part with numbers. These numbers correspond with specific colors. All you need to do is paint the parts with their assigned colors to ultimately give shape to the painting. Seems more like a coloring book for kids, right? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Painting by numbers may seem uncreative, formulaic, and simplistic to many, but it is a helpful way to convey your artistic concept to people without knowing the science behind the art. And you know what? These paintings sell like crazy. If you see the artistry behind it, you will doubt whether it’s the work of an amateur or a professional painter with years of experience under his/her belt. https://www.paintingkits.net is one site that offers you the latest collection of painting by numbers kits. From abstract art to posters of your favorite TV shows, you will find tons of acrylic-based painting kits here.

What does painting by numbers kits include?

Honestly, paint by numbers kits looks more like coloring kits for kids. Usually, they consist of a painting brush, a book with an outline of different pictures, and small pots of various colors. The more experienced you become, the more colors you can include in your canvas. You can, however, choose from the type of colors you want. For example, you can select between oil paint and acrylic paint. If you don’t want to go into such professional colors from the first day, you can get kits that provide color pencils or watercolor.

Usually, acrylic or oil paint is preferable because the paints dry fast. Plus, the color stays for years. Experts recommend that you should start with oil or acrylic paint from your first day as they set up your base for painting by numbers.

From amateur to professional

The good thing about the painting by numbers is that you may not be able to understand whether it is the work of an amateur or a professional. The instruction at Painting Kits is very simple. They believe you don’t need to be a Picasso or a Van Gogh to create your masterpiece. With their painting kits, you can create a painting that will startle everyone. No one will ever consider you as an amateur anymore.

Their painting kits consist of a numbered acrylic-based painting set, a pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas, a set of brushes including small, medium, and large, and a booklet with easy instructions on how to paint. These kits are ideal for ages three and above. It doesn’t matter whether you only know stick figure drawing or you are into advanced coloring, painting by numbers will suit you.

This painting system is very tempting as it encourages you to finish each block quickly. These pre-printed numbered canvases almost invite you to finish them off to showcase your painting skills. Most importantly, this painting technique doesn’t let you waste paint. You only take the amount of color necessary to fill the blocks. You can select one color at a time to complete the painting quickly. For example, you start with the largest section in the canvas to the smallest block. This will not only help to paint the picture quickly but also save significant amounts of color.

The products from Painting Kits come in various designs. For example, you can start with only a black and white combination by picking up a kit that consists of a black Labrador image. On the other hand, if you want to try some advanced canvases and also are a fan of Game of Thrones, you can buy the Daenerys and Snow painting kit. You’ll surprise yourself with how good the outcome looks like.

How to approach painting by numbers?

It is wise for any newbie to start with the larger blocks as they prepare you to get acquainted with the brush and paint. Once you get a hang of how to stroke the brush and distribute the color evenly, it will become easier to handle the smaller blocks. This type of painting system is ideal for those who want to learn brush control. Since you know the precise area of what color to put, it leaves you with no risks of making mistakes.

Therefore, by the time you reach the smaller blocks, you already gain enough experience on how to handle the brushes. Plus, the kits from Painting Kits contain three types of brushes. You can use the large brush for the larger blocks and the small ones for comparatively smaller areas.

Brush control is crucial in this painting technique. You need to make sure that you don’t put any color outside its respective block. Check the demarcations very carefully before starting. This is another reason why experts recommend starting from a larger area. It will give you an idea of how much color to put in what block.

For example, consider the black Labrador painting kit from Painting Kits. It has a black and dark grey background. Therefore, you can start with the background first before moving into the minute details of the dog, such as his ear, nose, and eyes.

Painting by numbers is highly addictive, especially when you see the stunning output on the canvas. You may not be able to believe your eyes as to how you created the masterpiece without any knowledge or experience in painting.

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