Toddler Sneakily Chugging His Mom’s Coffee Is the Best Thread on Reddit Right Now

If there’s one question that runs through every toddler mom’s mind whenever her child gets into a mess, it’s “Dear God, what have I done?”

At least, that’s what Reddit user Theblackholeinbflat was thinking during a recent incident involving her eldest baby and coffee. Yes, COFFEE.

The OP was in the kitchen making food for her kids when her little one, just 22-months-old, walked in carrying an empty cup. “My formerly full coffee cup,” the mom said.

Thinking he had drenched the entire house in the beverage behind her back, she panicked. But after a little investigating, there were no stains to be found.

It turns out, the situation was much worse.

“I sniff his breath. And I step back. Because my baby has done the one thing I had hoped he never would,” she said. “He caffeinated himself. He’s spinning around in circles shouting, ‘YUMMY MAMA MORE’ over and over again, stamping his feet and laughing maniacally.”

In the meantime, she said her younger child “pooped on everything” while she set out to solve the coffee mystery. “Send help,” she said.

Reddit was quick to find the humor in the situation and share similar stories, resulting in a now-viral thread.

How many calls do you think Poison Control gets from frantic parents each day?

These are NOT the words you want to hear from a kindergartener.

Meet my kids, Demon 1 and Demon 2.

That’s funny, we were screaming the same thing an hour ago.

We pity the moms (and dads, and teachers, and babysitters and…) who had to deal with these hyped up little ones, but we’re eternally grateful we get to read their hilarious stories.