This Unique Initiative Helped Me Find Answers For My Kid’s Growth

This Unique Initiative Helped

My son was born a small baby. Also, growing up, he was always small. This didn’t seem to worry me too much as my husband and I are both only of average height. But when my son hit the second grade, I noticed that he was, in fact, much shorter than his peers. With each passing month, I saw that while his friends grew taller, he wasn’t growing at all. I began trying out various home remedies recommended to me, only to see them fail. Finally, I took matters into my own hands and started researching ways that I could get my little one to grow. That’s when my perspective about growth itself made a U-turn.

Finding A Source That Answered All My Questions

While looking up things on the internet, I stumbled upon the Grow Right Initiative that PediaSure has recently launched. The initiative is just what we modern moms require. Contrary to our beliefs, growth is more than just a physical increase in height and weight. A child needs to be growing both in his cognitive development and his emotional maturity too. This is especially important during a child’s growing years. For a child to grow right, he needs the right nutrients plus the right nurturing and playtime. I began exploring more of the website and found many more helpful tips, such as how to deal with fussy eating and what I needed to include in my child’s diet. Implementing these tips meant that my shopping habits and mealtime habits also had to change. Every time I went out shopping, I would check the labels to ensure that the processed snacks and foods my child was picking out were free of trans fats. I also made sure that during meal times, we sat at the dining table and focused on our food instead of sitting in front of the television. I also purchased a box of chocolate PediaSure and began giving it to my son twice a day.

My son loves football and would spend hour after hour in front of his PSP once he got back home from school. Instead of this, I signed him up for some football classes. This meant that he was now getting a lot more physical exercise, which in turn also improved his diet and sleeping patterns. In 3 months, he had gained 5 Kgs of healthy weight and had grown almost an inch.

Seeing The Results

The most significant result of this change was an improvement in his performance. It would usually take him around 3-4 hours to understand a concept. This would frustrate me a lot and would leave him feeling defeated. After these changes, I began noticing that he was able to focus and concentrate better, and with only an hour of daily studies, he was doing so much better in his class tests. This was a delightful surprise for both my husband and me.

Even his teachers at school began noticing the difference and informed me about it. The change in his behavior and growth was extremely noticeable, and it wasn’t long before his friends’ mothers started asking me how I did it.

What I Recommend

The piece of advice I gave to them is the same that I would recommend for you mommies out there. Go check out PediaSures Grow Right Initiative. They bring in experts who answer questions that puzzle us the most in a concise and straightforward manner.

 This Grow Right film talks about different activities that you could do with your kids in replacement to the unhealthy things they like to do. For example, instead of giving your kids just a plain salad, make the vegetables on the plate look like a smiley face. This would intrigue them so much and make them want to eat the vegetables they would otherwise shun.

The brand understands how hard it can be for us mommies, and gives us life-altering tips. Those baby steps I took by following the advice I received ensured that my son was able to take the giant leap he needed. If you’re a mom out there who has no idea why your child is not living up to his/her best potential, then do check out these videos. It is our duty as moms to ensure our kids are fully equipped to achieve their dreams of becoming doctors, pilots, and football players. These videos will give you the knowledge you need so you could help them.

Happy motherhood!

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