This Mom “Hired” Her Kids for Household Chores and Became a Viral Sensation

When is the right time to teach your kids about the working world down to the hiring process? Shaketha Marion McGregor, a mom and newly hired correctional officer from Georgia, doesn’t think it’s ever too early. She launched a company within her home called, This Mom Means Business Inc. and had her three children, ages 13, 10 and 6, apply for key positions including: laundry supervisor, lead housekeeper and kitchen manager. Shaketha shared pictures of herself with flyers that she made for the job openings and interviews in a Facebook post that has gone viral with over 206,000 reactions.

Shaketha wrote the following in her post:

“So, my children continue to ask for a new cell phone, an allowance and to go places. Yesterday I told them that I’ve heard their requests and that I’ll have a surprise for them today when they get home from school. SURPRISE!!! It’s a whole hiring event! 😂 If you want it, work for it, earn it! And yes, I also have an in-home credit union lol #ThisMomMeansBusiness #IWonderWhoWillGetFiredFirst 🙄.”

The flyers look straight out of a job fair. For instance, one reads, “Interviews will be held Tuesday August 13, 2019 5:00pm (Mom’s room).” Shaketha also created a “credit union” for her kids with the advertisement for it reading, “Mom’s Credit Union! Good credit? Bad credit? Need to Build credit? Let Mom start you off with a line of credit to help build your allowance as well as character! Making on time contributions around the house can pay off big time! Don’t wait! Ask mom how today!”

That’s one realistic way to introduce your kids to these complex parts of the grown-up world.

The job application that Shaketha’s kids filled out (also pictured) asks common questions such as their desired pay rate/ salary and available start date.

Shaketha has a personal reason for wanting her kids to understand what it really takes to land a job and earn money. Last year, the family lost many belongings in a house fire. They’ve been trying to recover their lost possessions ever since. According to USA Today, Shaketha decided it would be a good opportunity for her kids to earn the things that they were asking for.

Shaketha’s oldest child, Jahkeen, 13, landed the role of kitchen manager, while her daughter Takeia is laundry supervisor and her youngest, Serinity is the housekeeper. There was a little friendly competition in securing their jobs. Jahkeen and Serinity both applied for the housekeeper job though Serinity was more qualified. For the sake of maintaining professionalism, Shaketha wrote Jahkeen a rejection letter. She also shared it on Facebook:

“We are sorry to inform you that the position you recently applied for has already been filled. However, we still have the Kitchen Manager position available and we are willing to negotiate a higher pay if you are willing to accept. if you wish to decline our offer we truly understand and wish you the best of luck with you future endeavors.”

Shaketha’s wants This Mom Means Business Inc. to help parents and teachers introduce these real world concepts to kids in creative ways. It’s working as other parents have been inspired by Shaketha’s business plan. She’s shared posts on the This Mom Means Business Inc. Facebook page from other moms who’ve since hung up similar flyers with job openings at their home:

“Thank you so much for not only for trying out my method, but for the shout out also! 😍 (Now THIS is how you do it!) I don’t mind THIS at all! 😊 adorable kids also! Other parents: If you’ve tried this at your home please send me pics!!!! I love pics!”

The flyers in this set of pictures also include information about interviews, job descriptions and a credit union.

We think that Shaketha’s method is an absolute brilliant ideas that working parents everywhere should consider. It’s the perfect way to teach your kids about the value of hard work while having chores be completed in the process.