Think Your Boss is the Worst? These Hilarious Tweets Will Change Your Mind

While not always seeing eye-to-eye with your boss is perfectly normal, sometimes the behavior of managers can be just plain toxic. The Twitter users below can attest with the stories they’ve shared about the worst things their managers have ever done to them. It ranges from being heartless to having ridiculously unrealistic—and impossible to meet—standards. Think you have a terrible boss? You might want to read through all of these tweets first and then maybe decide that yours isn’t so bad after all!

This boss redefines the meaning of “cheap.”

Brown face?!? Enough said.

A complete lack of sensitivity.

Sexism, unfortunately, can be very real in the workplace.

This should actually be illegal!

What was this boss doing for the past two years?

This manager needs a priority check.

Bye, Felicia!

Admitting you’re wrong shouldn’t be this hard.

Um, yeah, because medical leave is usually a real relaxing time.


This boss should be ashamed.

How does this boss sleep at night?

Karma was served up super fast.

Why should workers suffer for boss’ terrible decisions?

Nepotism is just horrible.

You deserved better anyway!


Talk about extremely high standards.

This should never be in anyone’s job description.