The Way This Working Mom Inspires Trust Among Her Team Should Become Corporate Policy

As working parents know, life happens—and we can only hope that our managers, bosses, and co-workers understand. Whether it be an unexpected cold, early dismissal at school, or not being readily available outside of business hours, there’s only so much predictability in life.

Consultant, author and CEO Natasha Bowman, JD, sends a firm message to her team that elicits trust, compassion and respect through all of life’s obstacles. The working mom’s leadership style is something we can all learn from.

She took to LinkedIn to share a story that affirms the way she inspires trust and flexibility among her team.

One of her new reports sent a photo of her flat tire along with an update that she was running late to work. Natasha was not impressed by the “proof.”

“Don’t send me a picture of that!!” Natasha said. When the new team member came into work, Natasha said she walked into her office with a look of fear on her face. Natasha sat her down and explained her leadership style.

“1. If you tell me something, I will trust you unless you give me a reason not to. Do not send ‘proof’ of what you’re saying.

  1. Don’t apologize to me for something that’s not your fault. Flat tires happen every day!

  2. Work/life balance. You have work, and you have life. I’ll never ask you to sacrifice one for the other.”

The new employee admitted that her previous boss would have made her feel as though the flat tire was her fault and that she had done something wrong. She was relieved that Natasha’s leadership style was so open and inclusive.

“Leading with fear, hostility, and incivility will get you nowhere. Leading with respect, empathy, and compassion will take you everywhere.”

We couldn’t agree more. If only all bosses were as understanding as Natasha.