The Importance of Feeling Like a Child Again

As a child, we have these fantastic and pure experiences of love and excitement, wonderment, joy, adventure, and thrill. Whether you were riding bikes with your friends, exploring new spaces, playing sports, getting your first skates, or enjoying the holidays when you received many presents. The only thing that is more important than the memory is how this memory makes you feel.

Sensations and experiences are the best way to train your brain to adopt new states of mind. The brain learns through experience best, and words and memories are just ways to conjure up those experiences.

The best way to begin rewiring a new mindset and reverse obstacles that you might be experiencing right now is to ask yourself first, what is your biggest obstacle? For example, this could be a general feeling of mild depression*, so ask yourself what is the opposite of depression or sadness? I would say that joy is the opposite.

As you begin to guide your mind toward states of joy rather than states of sadness your brain will begin to learn this pattern and adopt it automatically over time, so long as you are consistent. Just like learning a new language or instrument you can do this with mood. Over time you become a more joyful person.

Unfortunately, the brain is stuck with the negativity bias, and our minds have evolved to grant a lot of power to this bias. This is how we survived the caveman days. Being fearful kept us alive, and to remember negative material and experiences also kept us alive.

Therefore our brain is like Velcro for bad and Teflon for good. Neuroscientists, however, have discovered through research in neuroplasticity, (the brain’s ability to reshape habits and patterns into new ones) that we can train the amygdala, which is the area of the brain that is most fearful, to not have much less control than it normally has on us.

This is exactly the kind of work that I do with my clients, rewiring old patterns in the brain which create obstacles for you. And replace them with new patterns that completely reshape your mindset for the better.

* Clinical depression is a serious illness, but there is help available.