The Best Way to Organize Your Prized Purse Collection

From clutches to messenger bags, totes to oversize buckets, your purse collection reflects your personal style as they match everything from your mood to your outfit. Keeping them organized so they’re in plain sight and damage free is tricky when you don’t have the luxury of extra storage space or a walk-in closet. It’s why a purse storage organizer is an invaluable tool for creating the space you need without creating extra clutter. Here are some of the best options available.

Hang It Up

If you have the rod space in your closet to hang a storage bag, we highly recommend it, as it’s great for saving space and ensuring your favorite purses stay dust- and damage-free. This one’s pockets fit several different sizes and styles and can hold extra items such as wallets and wristlets too.

No Closet Required

If your closet is already filled to the brims, an over-the-door storage unit lets you store your purses and have an attractive display. The clear pockets, such as on this one, let you always view your purse collection—and decide when you’re ready for some upgrades!

A vertical, hanging shelf, like this one doesn’t take up much closet space but has deep pockets to store an array of bags up to 17 pounds. Each shelf also features a clear plastic dust cover (that stays shut with velcro) to keep your bags pristine.