The Best Table and Chair Sets for Kids

Everyone can benefit from the comfort of having a space of their own —including kids. You’re encouraging independence during meal times, project time, reading time and more by setting out a table and chairs that’s just their size. These sets are made to boost confidence while giving kids a sense of pride (and keeping their messes all in one place!)

Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set, Vibrant Colors

This lightweight plastic set includes a 20″ by 20″ square table and four chairs. It’s easy to move around, so you can drag it from the craft area in the playroom to the kitchen for a snack. Assembly is a breeze—the pieces just snap together.

Melissa & Doug Tables & Chairs 3-Piece Set – Natural

This solid wood table and chair set is so strong, it can hold an adult who wants to join in on the kids table fun. If you’re looking to set up an area for school-age kids to enjoy projects and activities outside of screen time, this set easily fits and blends into almost any decor.

This stylish round table is built from sturdy wood and metal—with a secret storage space hidden in the middle. Kids just lift up the middle piece and place all their treasures inside, making this two chair set all the more versatile and appealing for everyday use.