The Best Stuffed Animal Hammocks for Your Playroom

If it feels like the stuffed animals in your household are multiplying by the day—even by the hour—and overrunning your house, help is on the way! Stuffed animal hammocks are an easy and fun solution to storing treasured friends so they stop taking up precious space on the floor, bed and rest of your living spaces. A cinch to affix to a wall, these hammocks double as a whimsical touch of decor in your playroom or child’s bedroom while maximizing the storage options.

You get not one but two hammocks in this set. Place them right on top of each other or add one to another play area/stuffed animal haven in your home. They’re easy to attach to any wall and include hook hardware too. Depending on the size of the stuffed animals in your collection, these hammocks can easily hold 30 or more friends.

Hang this hammock over the bed and your kids can feel like they’re having a special sleepover with their stuffed animals every night. The elastic binding of this hammock expands up to 5.5 feet long, and the mesh is durable enough to support the storage of up to 30 lovies. It can be attached with the included hook hardware or with adhesive wall strips.

These mesh bags hang down from the wall and provide three separate storage compartments each. The beauty is using each spot for something different—perhaps one compartment for stuffed animals, another for small dolls and another for accessories—there’s no wrong way as long as you’re decluttering and organizing. You get four bags in each set for use in the nursery, playroom, bathroom and more. The collapsible design makes for easy storage when not in use and they can easily hang from a hook or closet rod. Best of all, you get a yellow, green, blue and purple bag in each set.