The Best Night Lights For Giving Your Home a Little After Hours Glow

Night lights aren’t just to help kids get over their bedtime fears of the Boogie Man (though they go a long way in reassuring them that everything is A-OK!). Night lights also make for some nice assistance when you’re sleepily fumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Here are a few favorites that can light up every home in just the right way.

These decor-friendly LED night lights from GE are as pretty as they are effective. With a contemporary design that can blend in with modern decor, they aren’t super noticeable to the eye during the daytime, but will be your guide through a dark house in the late night hours!

If your child is truly scared of the dark, it’s helpful to find a night light that changes the redirects their attention. That’s when this 360-degree rotating star projector light comes in handy. There are eight different modes of light operation so your kiddo can switch it up to their personal preference, hopefully with the end result being a peaceful night of sleep.

If farmhouse chic is your thing, then meet GE’s Vintage LED Night Light which comes in both Black Cage and Brushed Nickel finishes. It’s an antique take on a modern invention, with light sensing technology that detects it’s time to turn on at dusk and call it quits at dawn without you lifting a finger.

The one downside to a nightlight is that it typically takes up the space of an in-demand outlet socket. GuideLight to the rescue. With a prong design, this beauty snaps on without using batteries, wires, brackets or mounts, emitting light from underneath the outlet cover. It’s also super discreet without anything protruding from a wall. At night all you’ll see is the soft glow of the light.