The Best Nail Files for in Between Manicures

A chipped, torn or ragged nail is a seemingly small but major way to ruin your vibe—especially when a trip to the nail salon isn’t in the cards. It’s why having the right nail file handy is key. You want something that’s hygienic, portable and durable to keep your nails smooth, buff and strong. We’ve got you covered with these picks you can use every day.

This nail file’s double-sided texture lets you file your nails with ease and precision. The close buffing guarantees smoother results, while the surgical-grade stainless steel means it won’t rust. It also comes with a leather case for a stylish way to protect your file.

If you’re one who wants to be prepared for whatever nail emergency you might face, this 15-piece set is a great option. It comes with a 4-way white buffer block, a 4-way polish buffing block, 10 double-sided black emery boards and three double-sided white emery boards. The combination of files work on both fingers and toes and can be used on artificial and acrylic sets. And yes, you can buff away gel polish with it too.

Sometimes it’s hard to duplicate the work of your favorite manicurist when you’re at home—but there’s a handy solution with this electric file! It comes with five interchangeable heads so you can remove cuticles or calluses, smooth out dead skin or drill, file, buff, polish and shape your nails seamlessly. It’s safe for use on both fingers and toes—and is battery-operated with a cordless design for easy maneuvering. It comes with a stand for easy storage. Our favorite bonus feature? The built-in UV dryer for when you need to touch up your paint too.