The Best Maternity Support Belts to Relieve Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

The best maternity support belt provides help in all the right places, providing gentle lift and support for your growing bump. From a lightweight option that feels almost invisible under clothing to a full support option, we’ve got three maternity support belts to get you through to delivery day.

For Lightweight, Barely There Support

You won’t find a less-intrusive maternity support belt if you try. Made of light, breathable fabric that keeps you cool even in the warmest environments, this support belt was designed to fit comfortably under clothing for everyday support. A velcro closure provides a secure fit that lasts throughout your pregnancy and beyond—you can use it during the postpartum period to support your abdominal muscles as you heal.

A Fully Supportive Band

When you need more than light support for your burgeoning belly, you might need a slightly more supportive maternity support belt. Turn to the NEOTech. A wide back panel works to help relieve even the worst back pain, while a separate panel rests just below your bump to ease aches associated with conditions such as pubic symphysis, sacroiliac joint pain and round ligament pain. With a band that goes over your bump for a perfect fit, this maternity support belt can be worn over clothing, while sitting or standing, and is available in black, white or nude.

Let’s talk about some of the lesser-known but equally annoying issues that can cause pain during pregnancy. Things like vulvar varicosities, hernias and prolapse. These are common, but they can cause a ton of unnecessary pain, making it difficult to get through your day. This maternity support belt with groin support is the answer if you’re dealing with these conditions. It’s a fully functional support belt with an added groin belt to relieve pressure in this area and make things much more comfortable. The neoprene material is lightweight and not at all burdensome, and it can easily be worn under clothing. Available in sizes S through XXL, this is the maternity support belt you’ve been looking for.