The Best Japanese Candy to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with a Fun Twist

You don’t have to travel across the globe to test out the zany treats and snacks that everyone goes crazy for in Japan. If you love the American version of “penny candy” (think candy buttons to Tootsie Rolls that you pay for by the pound), then it’s absolutely time to branch out and try the Japanese version, called “Dagashi.” The flavors might be a little unconventional for Westerners, but the packaging is fun and your family will love unwrapping—and tasting—it all!

If you’re throwing a party and want to serve something unique or want your family to experience new treats together, this box of 30 assorted Japanese candies is the perfect place to start. Every box features a random assortment so you get something new with every order. All the labels are solely in Japanese so be prepared to surprise your taste buds with each item you unwrap.

Hands down, the highlight of this Japanese candy assortment is the adorable packaging. Your treats come stuffed inside a bag that looks like a sumo wrestler opening wide for his next candy surprise! Some of the popular items you’ll receive include DIY-style candy: You add water and knead a powder to change color before becoming “fluffy.” Flavors include Melon Pandaro, a melon butter-flavored panda-face cookie, Sakuranbo Mochi, a cherry-flavored candy made from a rice cake, and many more treats that are chewy, fizzy and tons of fun!

If you love the chocolate and wafer combo of an American Kit Kat bar, get ready for your mind to be blown. Kit Kats are quite popular in Japan, except with completely different flavors. Intrigued? This pack lets you sample unique offerings such as: Pancake, Sweet Potato, Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake, Azuki (bean), Japanese Sake and more. Others sound more dessert-like—such as Black Chocolate and Hazelnut—but you’ll just have to be daring enough to taste for yourself!