The Best Headbands to Switch Up Your Look

Bad hair days, be gone! Headbands are a no fuss way to mix up your style. There’s the dramatic top knot or more subtle, wrap around and slip on looks. They all come in a variety of colors and prints for a fun upgrade. Slide one on, and you can honestly claim: “I woke up like this!’

These Boho style headbands from Dreshow come in cute prints and patterns—and best of all, a pack of 10 is only $11.99! The wrap-around style is easy to wear and the soft, stretchy fabric eliminates any chance of a dreaded, headband induced headache.

These slip-on plastic headbands by Cubaco are covered in beautiful fabric that come in a variety of prints. And we must admit that we love this slip-on style with bangs. There is just one small issue: These headbands come in a pack of 12 so it’s almost impossible to decide which one to wear first!

This selection is so luxe everyone will think you splurged. But the secret is they’re so affordable. And we love that the rich velvet and faux pearl detail makes for a festive look this holiday season!