The Best Earring Organizers to Stylishly Display and Store Your Jewelry

If your earring collection has gotten so out of control that you have a hard time finding complete pairs, let alone recalling what you even own—well, it’s time to get organized. The five items below will help, whether you want your jewelry tucked away or on display. From the classic box to a multi-tiered pyramid organizer, these items make it fun to keep your bauble collection in order.

Nothing beats the elegance of a classic jewelry box. This one boasts 50 compartments, consisting of two levels to keep your earrings safe and dust-free. The mirror on the lid makes it very convenient to try on jewelry, and at 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″, it won’t take up a ton of space on your vanity.

Proud of your exceptionally large earring stash? You should be! And this stand, specifically for earrings, lets you show them all off. It has 44 holes and 2 layers, so you can fit many of your favorite pairs close together and in one space.

If you’re the type to speed through the accessory stage of outfit planning, this 16.5″ x 9.5″rustic jewelry organizer is a huge help because you can hang it in the area where you normally get ready. The organizer features a removable bracelet rod, mesh for hanging earrings, a 2.5″ deep shelf for small items including perfume, and 15 hooks to keep necklaces tangle-free.

Display your favorite earrings on this unique-looking organizer. The eye-catching design lets it function as home decor while simultaneously holding your jewelry. Hang dangle or hoop earrings, plus necklaces and bracelets, on the top three tiers, or place smaller items inside the tray at the bottom.

When traveling, bringing your jewelry along in a bulky, heavy box, isn’t practical. That’s where this adorable compact jewelry organizer, made of PU leather, comes in. At 8.3″ x 7.5″ x 2.1″, it looks like a day planner, but flip it open to find four “pages” of jewelry holes for displaying and storing 42 pairs of earrings. It’s best for holding smaller studs as opposed to oversized earrings or hoops.