The Best Curling Irons to Get Gorgeous Curls or Waves

Not all curling irons are created equally. Some can get too hot and burn or seriously damage your hair, while others might not get hot enough to get your newly formed curls or waves to last. If you’ve been looking for a new curling iron to style your hair, any one of these is worth adding to your shopping cart.

While this might not look like your typical curling iron, there are few reasons to trade yours in for this. The rounded barrel can give you tousled waves when you wrap a section of hair around the whole iron, but it can also give you defined spirals when you wrap a smaller section just around the indentations.

Longer than the average curling iron, this one is perfect for those with Rapunzel hair who are tired of only seeing results from the ears down. It also evenly distributes heat, and even though it has a clamp, it can also be used as a curling wand when a section of hair is wrapped around the closed iron.

The ceramic coating of this tool ensures it heats up evenly, and the crushed-pearl-infused barrel cuts down on frizz. You also get to customize your hair curling experience with this one because it features multiple heat settings—up to 410 degrees!

This simple and straightforward curling iron creates loose curls at a great price. The ceramic material helps this heat up fast and evenly—up to 400 degrees—while tourmaline technology ensures the waves come out smooth.