The 3 Best Yoga Mats for Your Little Yogi

Yoga is a natural road to stress management, relaxation, fitness and wellness. Why should all of these benefits be reserved for adults? Kids can reap the benefits and learn some great life skills by practicing yoga at an early age, and these mats will help bring the fun.

Eco-friendly in both look and product quality, this is an excellent choice in yoga mats. The design will appeal to all kids, offering the choice of two prints in one dual-sided mat for those who want a little variety. Reasonably priced, it comes with a convenient travel bag as well.

With cute designs for both boys and girls, these mats are easy to roll out, even for your toddler. Completely phthalate-free and textured for no slipping, this pick is ideal for those who aren’t wanting to invest a lot of money in trying something new. You get a quality product and adorable print, worry-free.

Kids will be into the whimsical print options this mat offers; parents will love the free downloadable kids yoga lesson that comes with it. Nontoxic and nonslip, this design lets 5- to 8-year-olds express themselves and take ownership of their own yoga practice.