Social or Sexual Distancing?

Social distancing? Or sexual distancing?  For many couples, it’s been one in the same.

You might be in the same physical space. But are you in the same relational or sexual space?

Are you seeing one another? Working as a team? Helping one another get through this COVID madness all the better for it?

If you are, you’re likely having more sex. And we know sex is intimacy. It’s connection.

Or is one of you checking our day-drinking daily? Playing video games? Or worrying 24/7, shutting down emotionally and sexually?

Word on the street has it that quarantined couples are having less sex than ever before*.

“There’s no playbook for this, and every day we’re trying to juggle and figure out school schedules for the kids, our own work schedules, and who can do what when,” said Hugh, a 42-year-old father of two young children.

​​​​​​​Iris, his wife of 12 years, admitted that her ‘intense’ anxiety during this stressful time has made it ‘hard to get into the mood.’

Is COVID crushing your connection and sex life with your partner?

Are you using stress or anxiety as an excuse to check out from one another?

Or are you working together to increase connection?

Which one is you?

In this epic video, which went viral in Nigeria (of all places), I speak to connection, teamwork and sex. Check out “Sex in Coronavirus Times.”

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