Should I Renew My Wardrobe Now That I’m Pregnant?

Should I Renew My Wardrobe Now That I'm Pregnant

All soon-to-be moms know the struggle with the growing belly. Your body is constantly changing, which means your current wardrobe may or may not have everything in your size. And chances are that the trendy pants that you bought in your first or second trimester may not fit you anymore. “Should I go on a shopping spree every month because I’m pregnant?” “Do I need to change my entire wardrobe?” “Can I wear trendy and stylish clothes with my expanding figure?” Now, these are questions every woman has on their mind. With fashion magazines telling us how to start shopping for pregnancy and stuffing your wardrobe with new maternity clothes, women somewhat get confused as to what they can wear from their current one.

Let me start off by saying that you don’t have to buy new clothes just because you’re pregnant. You may very well be able to use your old ones (with a few exceptions). But if you have the money and love to shop, by all means, go all out and get yourself new stuff. However, you can easily incorporate dresses from your current wardrobe to be worn during pregnancy. We have compiled a list of all the pieces that you can still use to comfortably accommodate your baby bump:

Things You Might Have:

Flowy Tops And Boxy Button Downs

Flowy and boxy tops will have enough room for your growing body. If you want to increase the hotness quotient of your attire, go for something with a low neckline. We’re sure there will be at least a few of these in your wardrobe. If you have normal shirts, chances are that you won’t be able to button it all the way down. Instead, you can pair it with a nice camisole by leaving your shirt open.

Wrap Dress And Wrap Tops

You are in luck if you have a wrap dress or top in your wardrobe. You can wear it throughout your pregnancy with ease. Since wrap dresses are flowy from the bust down and fit right above the bust, you can also flaunt your growing breasts.

Work It With Your Workout Clothes

Work It With Your Workout Clothes

Your stretchy yoga pants will save your day when real pants won’t fit you. So, put on your favorite pair of black leggings and hit the mall or the grocery store.

Go For Comfy Shoes

Go For Comfy Shoes

Your foot and ankles may swell during pregnancy making it uncomfortable to wear heels. You can reserve your stilettos for special occasions.

Go For Comfy Shoes

If you have comfortable flats and sneakers, make it your go-to footwear during pregnancy.

Trench Coats

If you have a trench coat, a jacket or a cardigan, you can style it every time with a different top or camisole inside. Layering up will add a dash of style to your whole look.

Things To Buy New:

Though you can wear things from your existing wardrobe, there are a few things you’ll still need to purchase:



This is the most important pregnancy buy. Invest in good quality and comfortable bras and panties. With your growing breasts, your old bra may seem tight causing you discomfort. Give them the support your girls deserve. And comfy doesn’t always have to be boring. There are various lingerie brands and stores that offer comfortable and stylish maternity/nursing range.

Love Denim? Then You Must Invest In A Pair Of Maternity Jeans

Love Denim Then You Must Invest In A Pair Of Maternity Jeans

Not able to fit into your old jeans? That’s okay. A good pair of maternity jeans with an elastic waistband is all you need to keep you company during pregnancy. You can throw this on for almost every occasion when you step out.

If you still find yourself short on clothes, you can always raid your husband’s closet. You might find a shirt or a t-shirt that fits you perfectly in your third trimester. And if you’re planning to buy new clothes because – why not? – then buy pieces that can grow with you. Remember, comfort is key. Wear pieces that make you happy and comfortable. And your sense of style doesn’t need to change just because you’re going to be a mom. You just have to make a few modifications and incorporate what fits you through the whole 9 months.

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