Self-Care For Moms – Physical Health

Self-Care For Moms

How many days in a week have you felt so tired that you just crashed into bed? And the next day you wake up thinking you would do things a bit differently. Maybe even prioritize your physical health over other things. However, it seems impossible to break this bad curse and the same cycle continues for an entire year until it’s time for New Year’s resolution. Moms, does this sound familiar at all?

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Taking care of the physical aspect of your health is just as important as your emotional well being. If you feel good physically, we reckon that you would be able to be a better mom, a better employee, and a better partner to your husband. Often times we are either too busy or too lazy to do anything that our body would be grateful for. Of course, being a mom, you have a lot of your plate. And self-care often takes a back seat since you have more important priorities and commitments in your life. But don’t we all function at our best when we take care of ourselves? In this MomJunction article, we break down 5 simples ways you can implement a little self-care into your life and take care of your physical health in the process.

1. Visit The Doctor

Visit The Doctor

When was the last time that you had a full body checkup? If you are finding it hard to answer this, then we bet it’s been a while. We are always the first ones to schedule an appointment for our kids, but when it comes to us, we somehow don’t see the point of it. But having regular body check-ups and following up with the dentist every once in a while is important to make sure that we stay healthy. You don’t want to be caught off guard by a new disease and suddenly realize that you could have done something about it you had found out a little sooner.

2. Be Aware Of What’s On Your Plate

Be Aware Of What's On Your Plate

It’s great if you are looking for easy options and quick recipes that would lessen the time you spend in the kitchen making a meal. However, make sure that whatever you are eating has all the nutrients that your body needs. Make smart choices by opting for healthier options over junk foods as much as you can. And always make sure that your kitchen is stocked with fruits, veggies, and superfoods that you are left with no other excuse but to use it.

3. Prioritize Sleep

Prioritize Sleep

Your sleep-wake cycle is going to take a hit when you become a new mum. Being in charge of your baby’s erratic feeding schedule and diaper duties will make it hard for you to get enough shut-eye. However, if you are past that phase of your life, make it a point to get enough sleep every day and not just a few times a week. Plan your day in such a way that you will be able to get to bed at a certain time every night.

4. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

We know you are a grown a** woman and it’s lame of us to ask you to drink enough water. But if you are not staying hydrated, you might end up feeling lethargic. So, drink up! If you can’t seem to keep a track of your water intake, carry a water bottle with time markings or reminders that will help you in staying hydrated throughout the day. And those of you who do not enjoy the bland taste of water and find it hard to gulp down, get yourself an infused water bottle and infuse it with your favorite flavors.

5. Break A Sweat

Break A Sweat

Squeeze some time in your daily schedule to work out. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or time-consuming. Go for a 20 minutes morning run or do some yoga at the comfort of your home. Remember that this time is just for yourself and it’s best to pick a slot when the kids are not home or are taken care of. Take this time to focus on your self and your body. We guarantee that you will feel rejuvenated and re-energized if you make it a part of your daily routine.

Though these tips may seem obvious to everyone, how many of us actually take the time and effort to follow it? It’s time we realize that our physical health is critical for our overall wellbeing and happiness and work towards it starting today.

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