Say No to Bugs! How to Identify Common Garden Pests

If you’re a fan of gardening, you’ll know all about garden pests. There are numerous garden pests that roam any green space and more often than not, these can be lethal or dangerous to the plants that you’ve spent all your time growing. If your kids play on the lawn, they’re in danger too. These lethal pests can mean the end of all of your gardening time, so you should learn to recognize these invaders. The best thing to do, once you’ve recognized them of course, is to contact the best pest control service you can find. It’s only then that you will be rid of these garden invading monsters.


You’ll be able to recognize an aphid easily: they have pear-shaped bodies and they usually hang on to fruits and vegetables. Mostly found in North America, these tiny pests suck on plant sap and they spread mold and can even spread viral diseases. They have long antennae and they can cause leaves to fall off plants. Many gardeners use hot pepper or garlic sprays to fend off these invaders. However, for an infestation, a pest control service is the best choice.

 Cabbage Maggot

Cabbage maggots are green colored invaders that hang out in Chinese cabbages and other crops native to the cabbage family. These maggots gnaw through roots and kill off plants easily. They can also create tunnels for other diseases and/or bacteria by digging through the roots. A cabbage maggot infestation can mean death and destruction for entire families of plants so you need to recognize these immediately and get help.


Contrary to popular belief, caterpillars aren’t cute or squishy. Well, they do squish easily but they are also dangerous pests and can mean the end for plants that you’ve worked so hard to grow. These larvae have six legs and sometimes also have false legs at the back to distract predators. They wreak havoc on plants by chewing on leaves and along plant stems. Some of them even dig through fruits. There is no good way to deter them, which is why it’s always good to call up your local pest control service.


These worms are about an inch long, grey and quite rotund. They come out at night and can be found chewing on flower seedlings and newly growing plants. They eat up plant stems from the ground up and can even eat whole plants through the summer season. The best way to see them is to look in the soil where they stay curled up tightly.

 Colorado Potato Beetle

These yellowy sunset-colored beetles have ten black stripes on their wings. They usually inhabit plants like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant among others. They kill off young plants and cause leaves to fall off. They can be handpicked off, but in the case of a full onslaught invasion, you need to get professional help. These pests can really ruin your garden’s vibe, which is why you need to be able to recognize them right away.