Sakshi Dhoni Wishes Her Daughter Ziva Dhoni On Her 5th Birthday With A Throwback Picture

Sakshi Dhoni Wishes Her Daughter

One of the best phases of our lives is our childhood. The childhood pranks, birthday gifts, and the love and attention of parents make it the most memorable phase. And if you happen to be the only child, then you are lucky to get all this without the trouble of sharing it with your siblings. Of course, you might miss the planning and plotting of pranks, summer vacation entertainment, and a confidante with whom you can share all your secrets. But then, this would also mean fewer quarrels, bullying, and nagging. The best part, however, of being a single child is being the apple of your parents’ eyes. Take the case of Ziva Dhoni, for instance.

On February 6, 2020, Ziva Dhoni reached 5 years of age. To wish her daughter on this occasion, her mother, Sakshi Dhoni posted an adorable throwback picture on her social media account as well as Ziva’s social media account. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Ziva is just 5 years old but she already has her own Instagram. It is filled with adorable pictures of Ziva and we believe it is being maintained by her gorgeous mother. So, on the occasion of her birthday, her mother found a cute throwback picture of Ziva and posted it along with a short and sweet message. It read ‘Happy 5th my lil one!’ followed by a heart emoticon. In the picture, a much younger Ziva can be seen in a cute little pink sweater. She has a sleek haircut and her head is adorned in a multi-color floral headband. She is also wearing a similar multi-color floral garland made of artificial flowers. Despite all this, it is little Ziva’s sweet smile that immediately captures our hearts.

artificial flowers

After seeing this picture, we can’t believe Ziva has grown so much as though time has simply flown with wings. It seems like yesterday when Ziva was born. At that time, her father Mahendra Singh Dhoni was leading the Indian Cricket Team in the World Cup Series. Dhoni often reminisces how he had to miss seeing his daughter on the day of Sakshi’s delivery as he had an important World Cup match. In his later interviews, Mahi has expressed many times how much he adores Ziva and how she has changed him. He had said he wasn’t sure if she had changed him as a cricketer, but he admitted he had changed a lot as a person. He said he couldn’t be much around his daughter soon after her birth because most of the time he was at the matches. But now, he enjoys every moment with Ziva.

daughter soon

Cricket fans are now quite used to seeing Sakshi and Ziva in the spectator’s stands during Dhoni’s matches. She is one of his best cheerleaders. In fact, Dhoni went on to add that it felt great taking Ziva to his ‘work’ during the IPL seasons. As there were many other kids of his teammates, he did not have to worry much about Ziva getting bored. Dhoni would often wake up late in the afternoon on days when he did not have a match. But, by then, Ziva would have been done with her breakfast, playtime, and lunch as well. Isn’t it what every parent frets about? And when parents find their kids engaged well and having their food on time, it takes off a big load from their minds.

takes off a big load

As for Ziva, she’s already a budding fashionista in her own right. Her social media account is filled with her pictures in various outfits. At times, it would be her fashionable sneakers that catch our attention. At other times, her fancy hair accessories set a new trend. And let us not forget her singing talent, especially Malayalam songs, or her ability to say “how are you” in 6 different languages! So here’s wishing this gorgeous bundle of talent – “A Very Happy Birthday, Ziva”!!

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