Reporter Dad Accidentally Emails 13,000-Person Media Company That He’s Out Sick

Email etiquette is important in any workplace: We never want to be that colleague who sends a message to an unintended recipient. On Thursday, Nov. 21, traffic reporter Nick Vasos became that colleague, and it snowballed into internet-wide hilarity.

The Kansas City journalist for Fox4 News only wanted to let his supervisor know he was calling out sick on a Friday. Instead, all 13,000-plus employees of Nexstar Media Group, which owns his station and 196 others across the country, got his note. His colleagues didn’t simply ignore his email, though. Within minutes of the dad of one’s initial message, responses of well wishes poured in via reply-all responses, and #PrayersForNick started trending on Twitter.

We can only imagine.

The company had to shut down the email thread because the thousands of responses kept coming.

They even set up a makeshift vigil for him at his desk. Don’t worry, it’s just a minor illness.

He probably wasn’t expecting his cold to give him this newfound fame.

There we go.

Seriously—all over the country.

We hope he feels better soon! Who knew a reply-all email could have such a positive influence?