Recruiter Mom’s Toddler Crashing Her Video Meeting is So Damn Relatable

Toddlers are unpredictable. Even when we think we know what they’ll do next, they’re always full of surprises. As we saw before with BBC Dad and NBC Mom, Microsoft recruiter Domina McQuade’s 3-year-old decided that the morning mom had a 7 a.m. video meeting was a great time to wake up way earlier than normal.

The mom took to LinkedIn with her hilariously relatable story.

“My kiddo randomly woke up exactly 3 mins before the meeting started… I scrambled to put a movie on and joined the meeting late. I’m 5 mins into the call and my naked daughter starts trying to force her way into the video (repeatedly).” Domina wrote.

She did what any mom would.

“I put myself on mute and try to block her, which aggravated her even more…so she started throwing a tantrum. I paused the call to get her settled 3 times while on the video call. Brutal.”

Luckily, the person on the other end of the call—a guest she was hoping to land for a recruiting podcast—was “super cool with it” and even commented on how great it is that family life and work can now intersect.

Commenters on Domina’s post showed these situations are so common (and hilarious):

“I was on a video meeting once with my boss and 2 members of my team when my then 3 year old walked up to me to tell me he ‘had to poop really bad.’ I was not on mute.” Kelsey Miller, a contact, license and registration specialist from Seattle, commented.

“I totally relate to this. I am grateful to be able to work from home when school is closed, but inevitably my daughter will be completely fine, playing happily – until I jump on a call! It’s right at those moments she wants something from me. Luckily I have awesome teammates & clients who don’t seem to mind.” Amy Morris, a global talent marketing program manager from Seattle, commented.

“Not a mom but my 19 month old son makes it a point to add his opinion to all my sprint planning or stand up calls with shouts and screams 🤦🏻‍♂.” Julian Radacz, a mobile applications developer from Jacksonville, Florida, commented.

One thing is for sure, when working from home and with kids, you must be prepared to go with the flow. We’re just grateful companies and clients are becoming more flexible to roll with and even laugh at those situations whenever they arise!