Reality, the Second Part

by John Bembry

The Reality of really being done with school increases like stress you never get rid of.

I could go into details, but instead, picture this yourself:

I wake up in a house with two grown men who expect me to have the whole house clean. I’ll clean my part and maybe someone else’s, but when you repeatedly depend on me, it becomes a problem.

I’m still lookin’ for work and eagerly waitin for my birthday in November. A young one still 17 but I’ve been feeling like 23 since 13. On top of all the shit I get at home, when I’m in the streets it doesn’t get better.

I’m very intelligent and cautious when in the streets, but I know there are people who don’t like me, want me dead, or don’t want me to succeed. It’s crazy to say but that’s what happens when you keep it real.

I’m not fearing Death one bit, but to have enemies and I don’t Gang Bang, kinda makes me want to. Yet I know that ain’t me. Or is it?

The Reality of Death at an early age is no stranger to me. I always think about Sam, the face on my arm.

I think about my cousin, and I think of Lil Snupe.

An 18-year-old Artist who was killed doin’ most of the things I do. Yet he died for no reason. In my mind, I feel I might end the same way. I can’t stop speaking it, how it is, I’m no phony.

Ima Die for the words that come out of my mouth

Or I will overdose on the Drugs I come across

I Finally Realize the Reality of life.

‘You go to school, make a name for yourself,

Figure out what you want to do and hopefully succeed in it

By going to college and spending

Your whole life mastering it until you die.’

That’s cool, but that ain’t for me.

I will keep writin’ music, hopefully essays and stories.
I will continue to keep it real and roam the streets.
I will do what I feel is right for me

And that’s the reality of It.


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