Reaching Out to Modern Moms on Instagram

Mother’s Day is knocking at the door and all are excited about it in the US. Today, even brands leverage this photo-sharing social site to understand modern moms better. These businesses try to figure out how mums use Instagram. Therefore, if you have a business and your targeted audience is the modern mum, it is important you understand Instagram. Studies show that moms are quite active on this visual platform and mums comprise at least one out of four women above 18 years in America. Again, 93 percent of moms use Instagram once a week and another 68 percent use Instagram every day. 

According to an article published on, today’s stylish moms using Instagram make other women feel better about their life. There is much influence and a sense of power when they see photos of other moms on Instagram juggling between their jobs, kids, and of course relationships. These women do it in style and successfully. For these moms on Instagram, it is all about staying honest and yet not losing their personal style while managing their kids. So let us understand how you can reach out to modern-day mums on Instagram. 

Moms find out about brands they love

Besides following their interests on Instagram, modern mums and more than half of them follow brands on this photo-sharing site. To be candid, these women are not simply following business accounts but also interacting with them. Indeed, over 56 percent of the moms cite that Instagram is that platform where they get to learn more about products. Again, 78 percent of moms do some activity after seeing business posts and engaging content on Instagram. Right from detection to a business transaction, moms are making the most out of Instagram via the complete purchasing sequence.

In a country like America, studies indicate that ads shared from departmental outlets convert moms 2.8 times more frequently, and with apparel, retail, as well as accessories ads convert 2.1 times more frequently. To gain reach, brand awareness, and exposure, and eventually encourage purchases of its limited-edition Peanuts partnership, a brand such as GapKids ran ads to reach out to moms using Instagram. You can do the same to boost brand and product awareness to target modern-day mums and boost sales. 

Targeting moms on their mobile devices 

Today, working moms have hectic schedules, and they are using their smartphones or iPads to deal with their lives, be it at work or personal. Besides managing their busy schedules, an average mom in the US keeps an eye on social media at least 15 times a day and opens Instagram at least six times daily. Once you can hook your targeted audience, it is not so hard to buy active Instagram followers and make them your loyal customers. 

Today, mums belonging to the millennial generation play a crucial role in taking meal-related decisions at home. They even try to eat as much as healthy food at work. As a business in the food and beverage industry, you too can combine cooking tips, videos, recipes ideas as well as user-generated content to pique the interest of modern mums on Instagram. Big brands have experimented and succeeded and you can do the same too. 

Learn about moms’ likes, interests, and passions 

Did you know that modern-day moms follow Instagram content based on what they like? If you look at data, it was found that moms are five times more expected to go after brands or businesses related to cosmetics. Again, three times more probable to pursue style and fashion, two times as probable to chase brands offering hair care products and of course 1.7 times more prone to go after businesses dealing with pets in comparison to dads. 

Market your products that show what mums care about the most 

Modern moms research on brands and products that they like to use and worth their attention on Instagram. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to develop a long and purposeful business relationship with millennial moms. The opportunity is to promote your products that display the values of modern mums. 

Today, moms saunter into a store with some precise buying needs. She would choose products that are not only useful and functional but also help in building social values she gets from specific products. The modern mum will talk about the purchases to her friends, coworkers, both online and offline. Therefore, brands on Instagram should tell interesting stories to pique the interest of mums. 

Wrapping up

You can realize now that mums are quite active on Instagram chasing their likes, interests, and passions. They juggle between their personal life and professional life and manage their kids successfully. Today, modern mums like to interact with brands on Instagram they love. Therefore, when you decide on the audience for your Instagram ads, choose elaborate segments like new mums, mothers, working moms, and mums of primary school kids to reach out to them.