Pregnant Customer Service Head Just Got Promoted, Says This Should Be the Norm

Here’s a staggering statistic: for every 100 men promoted to a managerial position, only 79 women are promoted too—and the numbers are even bleaker if you look at C-suite positions. That’s why it’s so important when women like Paula Hanit move upwards in financial tech companies. Not only is Paula female but she’s also five months pregnant.

Paula is now the head of customer service in the Barcelona office of Kantox, a multinational financial tech company. In a LinkedIn post, Paula detailed why the promotion means so much to her.

“Having worked most of my career in male dominated environments, I’ve heard many stories,” Paula said, “like well-respected female colleagues being told, ‘but how could I promote you instead of your male peer? You just came back from maternity leave!’”

Fintech is notoriously lacking in equal gender representation. Only “20% of medium and large firm managers worldwide are women,” and 2% of bank CEOS. The problem is even more glaring when it comes to racial representation in the industry. According to an article written by two employees of the Center for Financial Services Innovation, fewer than 1% of CEOs at venture-funded tech startups are black, and the same statistic applies for Hispanic CEOs.

But, Kantox seems to be making positive strides and setting a new bar for the fintech industry. “I am very happy to now work at a company where we see maternity and paternity leave as a positive fact of life we celebrate, plan for and support each other through, rather than an obstacle,” Paula said. “In fact, four of my colleagues are currently on or about to take their parental leave.”

“I’m also proud that here at Kantox, we are not far off a 50/50 gender split in our management team, far more balanced than the average in tech,” Paula said. At the end of her post, Paula noted that Kantox is hiring across the company, including positions on her team.

We’re happy to see forward movements at Kantox, and can only hope it inspires more male leadership in fintech to tap into the potential of the women wanting to move up in their companies. With that said, Paula knows the way Kantox is operating should be a standard that all companies emulate. “Achieving a promotion while being pregnant shouldn’t be noteworthy, but like many of my female friends and business contacts pointed out in their messages of congratulations, it still is.”