Practice the Pause

Pause and listen to the still small voice in your mind telling you which way to go, whether to the right or to the left. The pause, helps you stay in-tune with the inner spiritual workings in the Soul.

Deeply held feelings

wait for movement

to return to the surface.

Pausing gives power to the ever-moving noise of the day. Pausing gives you a chance to capture the feelings via memories as they rise up and become aware. We can pause, with our breathing, and focus upon the sounds of the inhalation and exhalation.

Breath is a gift; we ebb and flow with the breath of the soul.

Can you pause, when loud music blares, busy traffic zips by and cars honk, people crying, screaming obscenities, and glaring at you, or basic misunderstandings arise, causing friction, stress, and consume the mind at times beyond your control?

The reality of noise, put to the test, can be meditated away, and the distracting sounds minimized when one practices the art of stillness and calming the mind. The point of meditating is to bring the body and mind into focus, the present moment, the here and now rather than allowing everything to pour into the mind.

Practicing the pause over time increases the ability to still oneself before entering into the world.

One needs a quiet time each day to practice stillness. Mindfulness is awareness of the need to bring stillness to the soul. It doesn’t take hours to learn. One can do a one-minute mindfulness check often throughout the day and develop a healthy habit of breathing and awareness of their feelings, thoughts, and attitude. If we do not learn how to do mindfulness, for our selves, we can’t teach others, let alone combat the constant onslaught of the world’s commotion.

Continuous noise breaks down barriers of resistance.

There is a time to get away from noise, even if it’s for a few quiet minutes.

To still the *noise* around you is the only way to truly listen to the still small voice’s calling. It refuses to shout at you. The voice calmly waits. The still small voice never bangs down your door; the gentle taps repeat, while it waits for you to answer.

Once you recognize the constant whiz of noises and how they affect you, you’ll be free to stop the movement, the never-ending cycle of confusion and noise.

You stop to listen;

breathing in and out

in freedom and peace.

Take a few minutes, find some quiet place, let go of the worries plaguing you and in quiet thought, prayer, meditation, and in peaceful expectancy wait for the calming quiet of the soul so touched by the gift of Grace, of the Creator.

The planet we walk upon is filled with so many quiet, beautiful places to see and explore; even if you go there via a picture.

Go there, be there, stay there, share there. You will walk away calmer, more in control of your emotions, and having heard the directions in your soul of which way to go, will be so directed in peace. Breathe in peace.

~Just a thought from Pamela

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