Podcast Episode 6- Alexis Haselberger

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Are you tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re not optimizing the time you have to get things done? Let me introduce you to this week’s guest, time management & productivity coach, Alexis Haselberger.

Alexis is a self proclaimed “very driven lazy person,” who has made it her goal in life to strive for excellence, maximize ROI, and have plenty of down time! She has amazing tools to help people to get more done and stress less which is something we all need!

I am not by nature an organized person, managing my time and keeping myself organized has been a challenge my whole life.

I was the girl in high school with papers stuffed in her backpack with no folders, who always lost her homework.

I’m pretty much the adult equivalent of that now… with at least enough organization to make sure my bills are paid and my children are fed.

I’ve always admired people who are good at systems, and tools to keep themselves organized, and I appreciate that they exist to teach people like me their ways.

So I was super excited to sit down with Alexis. She has some amazing ideas for clearing out your brain, keeping your tasks organized, and making sure you can optimize your work and personal time.

I love so many of the tips and tools she shared during this interview. I have started to use some of them and have seen the difference even small habits can make!

Listen in for all of her awesome advice!

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