Podcast Episode 2- Michelle Noble

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This week I’m sitting down with Michelle Noble the founder of The Calmer Mom project. Michelle and I talked about being kind to yourself, learning to follow your inner guidance as a parent, and showing your kids what it means to be truly happy!

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I connected with Michele over the holiday season when I found out about her course “8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom.” I love what she has created to help moms reframe their thinking to be kinder to themselves, be more present moms, and embrace true happiness.

Michelle was so fun to talk to, and she has a very calming presence. We talked about our beliefs around what a mom “should” look like, and letting go of that judgment. We talked about remembering that we are the perfect mom for our kids and we don’t need to try to be something else, and allowing ourselves the freedom to be our true selves and parent in the way we are led to.

It was such a refreshing conversation, and Michelle definitely believes in living life happily outside the box, and helping other moms give themselves permission to do the same thing!

Here’s where you can connect with Michelle online if you want to learn more about what she does!

Her Website


Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

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