PLAYTACULAR’S Root Beer Float Challenge  ​ Game!

I first demoed this fun new activity game at the TTPM Holiday Gift Guide Media Show this summer and the fine folks at Playtacular followed up with me to announce its availability and offer a sample for fair review!

The game is now available in Target stores and online at Amazon, too. It’s the quirky, fun, delicious “food theme” game from Playtacular LLC 

Get the game fun flowing with the new family party game, The Root Beer Float Challenge.

The tasty new game, available at Target Stores and online everywhere, uses a unique game play strategy as players look to win the game by completing a series of solo, head-to-head and cooperative challenges using the ingredients of a Root Beer Float.

Created by the team of best-selling game designers, Brady Peterson and Tim Swindle (currently featured in Forbes Magazine), The Root Beer Float Challenge is intended to get people moving and active while playing a family fun, interactive game.

The RBFC is partially inspired by popular social media challenges that have gone viral. The theme of the Root Beer Float gives us the elements for obscure challenges with silly staged components that make the game ‘laugh-out-loud’ fun. -Tim Swindle Game Designer 

To play The Root Beer Float Challenge (MSRP $19.99), 2-8 players ages 8 and up take turns competing in various Solo, Cooperative, and Head-to-Head challenges. If you complete the challenge successfully, you earn an Ingredient card. But if you fail the challenge, your float will be sunk until your next challenge is achieved.

The object of the game is to be the first player to build a complete Root Beer Float (root beer, ice cream, cherry and straw) and be named The Root Beer Float Challenge Champion!

The game arrives in an oversized tin root beer can package and contains 120 Challenge Cards, 80 Ingredient Cards, 1 Ice Cream Ball, 2 replica Cherries, 4 Straws, and 1 Challenge Die.  

About Playtacular, LLC:

Playtacular, headquartered in Chicago, IL, was founded in 2017 by Brady Peterson and Tim Swindle, two guys who like to have fun and bring fun to those around them. Peterson is a prolific inventor and the creator of Otrio, Groovy Blocks, Newton, among other games, and Swindle is an entrepreneur and creator of the hit party game, Utter Nonsense. For more information, visit and interact with the company on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and YouTube.


 I’ll have a full review of this game as soon as I receive my editorial sample! 

art credit -Playtacular