Play Rugs To Inspire Your Child’s Imagination

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but don’t exactly make playtime with your kids a comfy experience. These cozy play rugs provide a soft spot to seat your tush and enhance the playtime experience with magical worlds built right in for your kids to explore with their imaginations. Bonus: They look great, too!

This is just about the only place where traffic jams are welcome. The City Life Rug depicts city streets, perfect for toy cars to zoom on. It also pictures a hospital, school, and airport so your vehicle-wielding little one can choose the perfect destination. Measuring at 60”x32” for plenty of space for play.

Amy & Delle Hopscotch Rug

Bring some outdoor fun inside with this colorful “hopscotch” rug that will keep kids laughing and moving even on days the weather keeps you cooped up inside. We love that this design is easily foldable, so you can roll up the rug and store away when not in use. Though we think it’s pretty enough for decor all of the time.

Cars, dolls, action figures, and other toys can go on a worldwide adventure thanks to LIVEBOX’s map-themed play rug. It’s constructed using a soft foam that actually feels like memory foam for your feet. No more sitting on a hard surface during play time, this rug provides a cushy spot to have fun while learning about the world in which we live.