People on Reddit Are Sharing the Random Things They’ve Cried Over Since Becoming Parents

A discussion on Reddit is shedding light on a not-often-talked-about change that happens to even the most buttoned-up and stone-cold people upon entering parenthood: crying is going to happen a lot more. And no, not from your baby—from you!

OP WinterDisplay, a mom with a 16-month-old daughter, posted to the Parenting subreddit recently sharing how she’s noticed that she cries at everything now. “Pre-kid it would take a lot for me to get emotional but now, not at all,” she wrote. “I was home on veteran’s day watching daytime TV, some lady and her kids won a trip to see their husband/dad, I sobbed for five minutes. Before I would have been like ‘Huh. Good for them, they deserve it’ and flipped the channel.”

Wondering if other parents were just as weepy, OP asked the Reddit community if anyone could relate. In the comments, many reassured her that she was not alone and were quick to share random moments that opened the floodgates for them too!

We quite possibly enjoy kids’ movies more than our children.

“I first watched the movie ‘Inside Out’ when my daughter was only 4-months-old. She passed out on me halfway through, and when the movie got to the climax I was crying like a huge baby. Best movie experience so far.” —jlwtformer

Fictional shows/movies with kids needing to be rescued or children being separated from families really get to us.

“I cried when I rewatched ‘Avengers Infinity Wars’ because I thought of all the babies who lost their parents when they just disappeared, and then I thought of the ones who may have been breastfeeding, or just feeding at that moment and I couldn’t handle it. [It] didn’t bother me when I saw it when I was pregnant though… [I] did not want to put my daughter down that night.” —MommaBearable

“[Becoming a parent has] also made so many relatively stupid movie or show plots where a kid is either lost or in danger, suddenly feel powerful. We are all Liam Neeson now—’GIVE ME BACK MY SON!’” —TackoFell

Or just parenting themes in general.

“I have a 17-month-old. I also cry at everything now. I cried at a Google commercial about a kid wanting to become an astronaut the other day.” —jenny123zzz

If you don’t want to be caught bawling, avoid the news—especially when it’s a story about kids.

“Don’t accidentally or purposely read a story on a news website or somewhere about a child getting hurt or even killed. A piece of you will ache because now we know how awful that would be to lose this piece of our heart ‘walking’ on this planet. I never realized I had the capacity of love that my son has shown me… and now I’m crying, haha!” —lilith4507

Children singing? Cue the happy tears.

“Wait until your daughter hits school. We had monthly assemblies where they would give out achievement awards. I wasn’t crying because my kid won an award. I didn’t make it that far. I started crying when the school sang O Canada! All those little ones! Mostly in tune! Bright faces! So sweet! It got me every time. I stood at the back with the other parents and thank god, there were a couple of other mums who were bawling as well so I didn’t feel like a complete freak.” —248_RPA

Heck, I guess those ads with all the heartstring tugging are working?!

“My wife and I cried because of a detergent commercial once. That was right after our daughter was born. The evil bastards showed a happy baby sitting in a pile of freshly washed clothes.” —chassala

The point is, once you become a parent, your empathy for other parents—and their kids—becomes insurmountable.

“I definitely became more emotional after having my daughter. I now watch things and imagine what it would be like if that was my daughter. I cry when I reread old books or watch movies that have any emotional scenes with kids. It’s definitely been an adjustment looking at the world through the eyes of a parent instead of just the old me.” —roopert5