People Are Shaming Ashley Graham for Changing Her Baby’s Diaper on the Floor at Staples

While shopping at Staples with her newborn, Ashley Graham experienced a stinky situation moms everywhere know all too well: changing your baby’s diaper on the spot, at any spot.

The new mom said she couldn’t find a bathroom at the office supply store.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of her solution. She put son Isaac, 1-month, in a clean diaper—on the floor of the store!

“Sh💩t just got real! First diaper blowup while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!” she wrote.

Several praised her, including fellow working moms Amy Schumer, who called her a “queen,” and Ali Wong, who sent a bunch a of raised-hand emojis in approval.

But many were upset, and criticized her for not waiting to find a cleaner place, like her car or a nearby bathroom. “He would have been absolutely fine in a soiled diaper for a few minutes while she found a restroom or went to the car,” one user wrote.

“Soooooo, you took the time to set your camera up to take this photo… but a more sanitary private area, i.e. bathroom changing table, car etc., couldn’t be found? I’m sorry, but tryna [sic] capture a photo of my child’s ‘blowout’ is way less important than finding a safer cleaner area to change him/her other than a changing mat on a floor. And yes, I have three kids that I’m raising and know all too well about that diaper failing when you’re out in public.”

Others pointed out that the chain often has bathrooms for customers to use, and they weren’t buying her story that she had to change her child’s diaper on the floor. “As a former employee of Staples, I can assure you there are restrooms available,” one wrote.

Some defended the model, arguing that sometimes a diaper change cannot wait, including one who replied:

“To all the mean and judgmental comments… Have you ever had your baby crying like crazy because she/he had poop all over the body, on the back and literally everywhere? You have no choice then [but to] do what you gotta do exactly where you are. Have no time. Poop everywhere OK? So stop being so judgmental. She doesn’t have to learn more, or ask anyone about restrooms. Been there. I bet you don’t. @ashleygraham you amazing mama!!”

Ashley’s post from the weekend is just one example of her dedication to showing the reality of her motherhood journey. She has also shared pics of herself in disposable, postpartum undies and breastfeeding in public.

We have a feeling Ashley probably DGAF about the mean-spirited comments shaming her, nor should she. Good job, mom, on making the best of a messy situation.