Parents Share the Hilarious Ways Daylight Saving is Messing With Their Kids

Historians don’t know who exactly invented daylight saving time—some say it was William Willett, a British tradesman, while others argue it was Benjamin Franklin. One thing’s for certain though, neither one had to force their kids into an earlier bedtime and then come the morning, wrangle cranky kids to school or daycare.

Exhausted parents on Twitter mourned the loss of that extra hour of sleep they used to enjoy before kids. Here are some of the funniest (and relatable) tweets we found.

An open dialogue is important…unless it happens before 7 A.M.

Tongue out, googly-eye emoji is exactly how we feel, too.

Misplaced anger is always fun!

What a delight to wake up to.

Some parents found some clever workarounds.

Generosity is so important.

Unfortunately, this solution won’t last long.