Parents’ Hilarious DGAF Tweets About Screen Time During Coronavirus Are Giving Us Life

With the coronavirus shutting down schools across the country, many employees are opting to work from home. Suddenly there’s a surge of parents and children alone in the house together—all day, every day.

As you can imagine, this situation has already started to fray moms’ and dads’ nerves. How are they supposed to do their jobs, entertain their kids all day, and still manage to retain what’s left of their sanity? Electronic devices are coming to the rescue.

“Well, I know one piece of medical advice I won’t be following in these times,” tweeted lawyer Sean Marotta. “And it is the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines on screen time.”

Clearly, many feel similarly, as demonstrated by these hilariously relatable tweets.

Some are even impressed by their kids’ ability to transition into quarantining so smoothly.

These moms and dads have no time for parent-shamers. In fact, they’re extremely grateful for the technology their kids have.

And that is not a bad thing! Take it from public speaker Ian Coldwater:

It’s time to buckle down. Go ahead and break out that tablet or game station for your kids. You’ll need it!