Parent’s Genius Hack Will Help Make Sure Kids Don’t Eat Too Much Halloween Candy

After the chaos of choosing the exact right Halloween costume and mapping out the perfect trick-or-treating route, parents still have their work cut out for them. Once all the candy is collected, parents then must figure out how to prevent their kiddos from overloading on all those treats!

Hiding the stash should be simple enough—but kids are clever and persistent. There aren’t many hiding spots at home that they don’t already know about.

Fortunately, one parent has come up with a clever way that adults can keep candy out of kids’ reach. This genius parent stores candy in the freezer, in a container many youngsters have no interest in ever opening—a bag of mixed vegetables.

On Facebook, user Maynard Rose (who according to their profile, is from Australia) posted two photos—one displaying the candies inside the veggie bag, and one with the bag folded closed and sealed with a clip. “LET’S SEE THE KIDS FIND THIS STASH,” Maynard wrote as a caption.

The Facebook community was definitely entertained by the genius hack; since posted on October 21, the photos have gotten approximately 62,000 shares.

In the comments section, several parents said they wanted to try the idea for themselves.

Australians aren’t as serious about Halloween as Americans are—so Maynard Rose may be using this hack for year-round candy stash. And we must admit, we’re on board with that too!

Let’s just hope our kiddos don’t ever catch on!