Parents Are Creating Obstacle Courses to Occupy Kids and the Videos Are Hilarious

While families are stuck inside for the time being due to the new coronavirus pandemic, parents are coming up with creative ways to keep their little ones busy.

To get their kids’ energy out—and do something to fill the time—some moms and dads have constructed obstacle courses in their homes for the kiddos. The videos are adorable, hilarious and inspiring. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Slinkys are really the cherry on top.

Impeccable form (and garb).

A great soundtrack too.

These are hardly the faces of kids stuck inside.

They have a future baller on their hands.

Even with just a few household objects, parents can make do.

No pants? No problem.

The juice in hand couldn’t hold him back.

Sometimes it’s a team effort.

Even with just a chair or a cushion, you’ve got enough to make a hurdle or trampoline to keep the kiddos occupied. For other activities to fill the time, check out these ideas.