No-Tie Shoelaces Are About to Make Your Life So Much Easier

Learning to tie your shoes is a rite of passage for kiddos, and a frustrating one at that. It takes a great deal of fine motor skill to get those loops and knots in check. Tying shoes can also be quite the ordeal for certain adults who never mastered the feat or who have lost fine motor skills with medical issues. Enter no-tie shoelaces, which provide adjustable tension while allowing kids and adults to slip on shoes without having to tie ‘em up.

Easily Adjustable

Once you try no-tie shoelaces you might wonder where they’ve been all of your life. In the case of Lock Laces, these are adjustable to fit any foot, and it’s easy to modify their tightness. They stretch as you put your foot in the shoe but then “lock” in place once that tootsie is settled.

Stylish Addition

Sure, HICKIES has your standard black, grey, and charcoal tie-free laces, but they really shine in on their bright hues. We’re talking neon multi-color (embrace your inner Punky Brewster) and Electric Blue. No matter the shade, they’re all one-size, adjustable-fit, no-tie laces that make putting sneakers on a total breeze.

If your pet peeve is shoelaces that seem to constantly become untied throughout the day, this no-tie option is for you. The adult version of HOMAR’s laces contain nine pieces to keep your shoes in place, while the kid size includes seven.