Natural Solutions For Your Baby’s Skincare Woes This Winter

Natural Solutions For Your Babys

There is a common misconception that babies’ skin is always soft and supple. This is not true. While they do tend to have smoother, more delicate skin, it is bound to get dry now and then. In fact, a baby’s skin is more tender and thin than an adult’s skin. That’s why they’re more susceptible to skin problems during the cold months. Wintertime can bring with it a multitude of skincare woes such as redness, itchiness, and eczema. These can leave your munchkin feeling extremely uncomfortable and cranky. To avoid these problems, here are a few natural solutions to combat skincare winter woes.

1. Keep Bathtime Short

Keep Bathtime Short

Most babies love to splash around in the water. And while the warm water can soothe and de-stress their tiny muscles, spending too much time in the water could dry up their skin. To avoid this, keep the bath time short and bathe your baby in warm water only. Hot water can dry out and damage the skin. When bathing your baby, avoid using a scrubber. Instead, gently rub your baby’s skin with your hands. Stick to using a body wash that is made from natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals. A great baby wash is the Lotus Herbals baby + Little Bubbles Body Wash. It is 95% natural and sulfate-free. It balances the pH level of your baby’s skin, thus, preventing it from drying and peeling. Made from chamomile extract, your baby and their skin is bound to feel relaxed and refreshed after a warm bath using this wash.

2. Use Wet Wipes

Use Wet Wipes

If your baby has spent the day at the playground, then he/she, without a doubt, would require a bath. But if they just spent their day lounging around the house, then a bath can be avoided. Too many baths could dry out their skin. So instead, we recommend wiping them clean with some soothing wet wipes. Look for a wet wipe that soothes your baby’s skin, and that will protect your baby against diaper rash. Lotus Herbals baby+ Gentle Refreshing Baby wipes do this. This alcohol-free wet wipe is infused with green tea and calendula extracts which will cleanse the skin and keep your baby smelling fresh.

3. Layer Up With Breathable Clothes

Layer Up With Breathable Clothes

There is a tendency for parents to pile on too many layers of clothes during wintertime. Instead of suffocating your baby under layers and layers of woolen clothing, try choosing fabrics that are slightly more breathable. Too many woolen clothes can lead to your baby developing itchy rashes due to the heat. Instead, try materials that are more breathable such as cotton. Adding a sweater at the end will be a great way of keeping your baby warm but not allowing them to develop a heat rash. Always apply some Lotus Herbals baby+ Love Sprinkle No-Talc Powder under their armpits and sweaty areas. This powder is made up of natural corn starch and will prevent skin irritation and itching.

4. Give Them Relaxing Oil Massages

Give Them Relaxing Oil Massages

Oil massages are a great way to keep your baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized. Apart from this, oil massages also help relax your little munchkin’s muscles. A great way to end the bath time routine is by following it up with a relaxing massage using a gentle baby massage oil. Use an oil that is pH balanced, petroleum-free, and is hypoallergenic like the Lotus Herbals baby+ Eternal Love Baby Massage oil. Made using olive oil and sweet almond oil, this massage oil is as safe as nature itself and will stimulate blood circulation in your little one’s skin and muscles.

5. Choose The Right Moisturizer

Choose The Right Moisturizer

After every bath, moisturize your baby thoroughly. Choose a moisturizer that is paraben, phthalate, and chemical-free to avoid skin irritation. Pediatricians recommend Lotus Herbals baby+ Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion because of its soothing formula. It can be easily absorbed and it nourishes the delicate skin of your little one. It also helps balance the ideal pH level of your baby’s skin which is pH 5.5. Using this moisturizer daily is bound to give your baby a cozy, comfortable winter.

Protecting your baby’s skin is a top priority during the winter season. And we hope this article has helped equip you with all the information you may need during these chilly months. Following these tips will help keep those toothless smiles on your munchkin’s face all year round and especially in the cold months.

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